Who we are?

The Moving Network is a project started in October 2015 by a team of international experts, researching about migration issues in Berlin from an educational perspective.

The project’s results are explained through the Empowerment Trust Circle Model, which aims at generating and implementing integration strategies for refugees through empowering them as teachers and multipliers. The empowering trust circle is achieved by the multiplying effect of cooperation between individuals, who share knowledge and cultural values. The involvement in one or more networks is able to educate people integrate into society.

Read more about our results in our Brochure “Teachers for Life”

What we do?

The team at The Moving Network is now developing workshops and trainings promoting new methods for participation and integration of a diverse workforces in social business environments.

The team is willing to share the knowledge achieved in the process of research, and its results, through collaborating with other young social entrepreneurs.

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What do we mean by “Ambassadors”?

The experts at The Moving Network have recognised the role of the Multiplier by observing the behavior of some of the refugees in within their camps first place.

Those individuals, who were already sufficiently empowered to assert some agency, have been encouraged to assist other

members of their communities to build their own capacities.

How? The central idea was for them to become “Ambassadors” and to develop teaching opportunities inside their camps, in order to share their knowledge with other individuals, to identify other multipliers and to give them

tools to increase their level of engagement inside and outside of refugee communities.

As a key figure at The Moving Network, Ambassadors managed to establish a real peer-to-peer cooperation with the internal team. They usually have a high level of education as well as of

charisma and enthusiasm.

They serve as link to the wider German society, empowering their communities to trust in self-organization and fostering the agency required to establish life in Germany. They act in the interests of both refugees from camps and German society.

Meet our Ambassadors:


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The collaboration is indeed a powerful tool.