The international scientist and digital expert Prof. Dr. Dr. Ayad Al-An participated as main speaker to the “Empowerment Through Digital Participation: Myth or Reality?” event, hosted by Macromedia University. He provided a very inspiring speech by reflecting on the challenges, obstacles and opportunities of digital participation for refugees. Digital participation emerges often as the only chance for refugees to access a more active participation within the society they are living in. Indeed, the potential of digital participation has provided largely engagement experiences by providing access to local institutions, by connecting and building communities and by exchanging relevant information. Nevertheless, even if it could arise as the easiest way to increase participation, it also reveals challenges that should be overcome. Digital participation can thus be intended as a first step to improve inclusion within the society.

Ayad Al-Ani contributed to write the brochure “Teachers for Life. Empowering refugees to teach and share knowledge” published by The Moving Network in July 2016.


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