I am a Syrian newcomer in Berlin, I’m 31 years old and I’m a veterinarian, graduated from ALbaath University/Syria. I was working as a sales and public relation manager in my father’s company which was specialized in (cotton underwear industry and exportation). In Syria, volunteer work was a big part of my life. I was an active member of (Albir Foundation for social services) which was concerned with the poor and the needy in Homs city and providing them with food, medicine and monthly payments. Then in 2008 I joined the Junior Chamber International (JCI) for young active citizens, which was concerned in developing the skills, knowledge and understanding of the young people by embracing a lot of creative projects and workshops, and we made a remarkable success at that time. After that the war began and I lost everything, literally, and was forced to move out of Syria. I came to Berlin in 16/8/2015 and as soon as I got here I volunteered in the camp, which I lived in, as a translator for the newcomers and I was connecting between the Arabic newcomers and the German volunteers. After that I moved in with a German family, but I continued working in the camp as a translator in several sections like clothes distribution, legal and formal paper work and even as a guide to help newcomers in their important cases like going with them to hospitals and explain their medical cases to the doctors, as well as in the court either to help them getting their entitlements. I achieved a good progress in there; all the newcomers became my friends, even the volunteers. I got their love and trust. The newcomers began to ask me about their situations, and the volunteers always nominate me for any press or TV interview and asking me to help them with solving the problems they had with the translation of the advertisements, and all of that is because of the strong trust and relation between us. Nevertheless, I am here now but maybe not tomorrow, and that is why I decided to solve the big problem which is the obstacles that face the newcomer and the volunteer and prevent them to communicate properly, and the obstacles are: 1-      The Language:  and that is what the government, the social organizations and even the German volunteers are trying seriously to overcome it by setting institutions to learn German language in all camps, universities and even individually, so this obstacle has a lot of attention. 2-      The Cultural Differences:  this is the second main obstacle that did not get the same attention as the language, and in my opinion if there is no understanding of each other traditions, what to do or not to do, and what is acceptable or not between the two sides, we will not have the proper merger that we all seek. Because of that I started to think, what my duty is and how to break the barrier between the newcomer and the volunteer, so I began to give quick advice about several points that will help the newcomer to understand the nature of the country they are living in, lows, rules and what are acceptable habits and what are not. There for, with the help of Macromedia University team work, whom I thank all of them – prof.Wolfram, students and ambassadors – for the full support they had given me through (BOP Ambassador) project, i already started presenting interactive lectures in camps and spreading the knowledge more professionally and widely. This is my idea for now, and I have more to offer in the next stages. Accept my apologies for the lengthiness and thank you for your time.