You are in Germany ..Halah, but  you cannot visit any place in Berlin,  museums, ruins and parks. You can’t enjoy the nice views of lakes and nature in Berlin, no shopping, no enough clothes, no tasty food, no respect and no dignity. It is because you are a refugee… Just cry and pray to have the energy to continue your trip in this country. Some people may understand how it is difficult to be a refugee but they  don’t have the bitter feeling of human  beings in such experience.  Time is running and procedures are very slow, I am / will be part of this society and should be as I used to be active, happy and hard working. The most important thing can give back my real personality is learning. So I started with official Deutsch classes. To live or visit Germany and to send our children to a German university is a dream for many Syrians but to come to this country as a refugee is very harmful to our humanity. We are very thankful to this country which gives us basic needs food, clothes and safe place, but there are still important needs for us; we need the feeling of acceptance from other side, we need the feeling of belonging, we need to live normal life. We are very tired are worried about our future here and about our families in Syria. I studied English Literature in Syria at Aleppo University. In 1999 I moved to the United Arab Emirates and worked for The Ismaili Council as program officer for the Syrian Ismailis (Muslim Shaii sect ). During that time I received various trainings that helped me to develop my skills on personal and professional level. In 2004 I got a certificate of Islamic studies for one year from Islamic Ismaili Studies Institution in London. After that, I planned to go back to Syria but I should learn something new and can give a good work opportunity. I chose to study Human Resources Management which I love because it means for me working to make people dignified. I did a one-year HR management at American University in Sharja (UAE).  And because I believe in “Long life learning”, I attended many Professional courses like Translation and TESOL. In 2010 I went back to Syria, before the Syrian Revolution. In Salameih, my hometown, I had a good job as Manager Assistant in a private Tourism Institute and after two years I became a manager of a branch of the same institute. I also worked with civil institutions in Salameih like “Friends of Salameih Association” and “Aga Khan Development Network” as a trainer and program officer. Last year I worked in Turkey as a project manager for  “Syrian women Network ” for six months. The term Ambassador is very close to my thought and my practices in my daily life. As I am smaili I have the responsibility to present myself in a good way. Moreover, here in Germany, this responsibility looks very important for me and many other refugees. I would like to be an example of and for a big number of  Muslim refugees. I tried to convey this idea through discussion with some German people at schools and with people who work in the camps. I had good ears from them. I talked about our sufferings as refugees,  our love to Syria, our social life and culture. My English helped me to communicate with Germans, but others can’t do that. Some people may don’t know how to express their real feelings and opinions. Sometimes they misbehave as a reaction of the difficulties they face as refugees. So, there is a big need for institutions to sponsor such objective as universities and civil organization: institutional work is more organized and helps us better outreach to the Deutsch society; voluntary work is a very essential and part of my culture as Arabic Muslim Ismaili. So, I helped many refugees in the camps in translation and I accompanied many women to hospitals. But we need to work on wider level. I would like to help people to understand the richness of diversity, the meaning of identity which does not contradict Integration. The more strong belonging to our identity the more we can integrate with others. These thoughts are important for both refugees and Germans. I would like to have various activities like workshops, entertainment programs, trainings and lectures to enhance our real ethics as Arab Muslim and change the ugly picture of our identity and motivate them for positive role. Mutual activities can help both sides to express cultures, knowledge and ethics.  People will understand that negative thinking the only think separates them. Being human beings is the strongest bonds among them. All people went through crisis, wars, injustices and that should help them to understand each other. Therefore, I believe personal efforts are not enough , it is need institutional work. Being Ambassador for me needs support on two sides personal one to develop my skills in some areas relate to Germany and on the other side to have the opportunity to express my experiences to help the Syrian refugees.