My name is Samir Hashemi, I am from Afghanistan. I was a student in Iran and then I came to Berlin: here I am continuing my study in a German school in order to become a student with the same rights as other people. My mother tongue is Persian but I can speak also English and I learned French and Turkish. I am interested in modern life and its expression through technology and for this reason I started exploring the computer world, from Microsoft Office to computer networking. I live in a refugee camp in Berlin since August 2015: there are many people who are living together in this place, the majority of these refugees is from Syrian and Afghanistan although there are other people from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Eritrea and Albania. Many people are satisfied with their situation in the temporary residence; indeed we have some facilities in this camp like German classes, doctors and Arabic/Persian translators. I live in this camp for long time so I know most of refugees there. These people have a good relation even though sometime they cannot understand each other because they speak different language. Many adults and children are going to German classes but there are many others who still cannot start it; many refugees from Afghan have problems in this sense because the language-learning centre does not accept them due to their residence status in Germany.  Many people from Afghanistan and Iran are not able to speak either English: some of them are analphabetic due to the long wartime so to learn a language, especially German, can be hard for them. In this situation, I believe that people should support each other and I start taking my responsibility by translating for Afghan and Iran people, from Persian and Dari to English, in the camp for ASB office and doctors; I started also to help people outside the camp, offering my translation skills in hospitals. I’m also teaching to analphabetic people the basis of language and literature of the Latin alphabet, so they are learning what is a noun, a verb, a subject, an object and slowly they are learning how to write and read and how to make a sentence. I’m also supporting them in searching German courses and by accompanying them for registration. I think that for all these people, who have to start a new life in Germany, is so important to learn German in order to communicate with other individuals, but also to work and to study; I’m trying to give them suggestions and information about this new environment, this new culture, that I read in websites and I heard from people who work with and for refugees. Since many refugees lost their family, their life and are now facing a different culture and society, I think it is important to make them feel calm in a pacific environment, to provide elements that are familiar, that can bring peace and love and that usually people feel good with. I decided to contact one of the volunteers who had my same idea of organizing music groups in the camp and she actually did her best: she contacted a big music company which offered many good music instrument for this project. Now we have a good music group which is open for all people who are interested in the activity. I’m a music player in this group and we are having good time and we play performances for all refugees; it is important to highlight that all the members of our group come from different countries, they speak different languages but the music bring us together. I think education is an important element for everyone and a refugee should not stop thinking to learn just because he/she is a refugee. You can find education in different types of activities (music, IT learning..) and these activities can become an inspiration for your new life. I hope all these people can have a good life in Germany, that they can improve their lives by learning and studying and in the future to join all German people. I also want to improve my language skills to be part of this society and to help as many people as I can. All human beings deserve a good and safe life; to shape a world full of peace and love is maybe an utopia since we see some parts of this world where people are living the war and many other problems that forced them to leave their countries. To start a new life in a different environment is hard at first but, with the passing of time, it will be fine; anyway, people need the support of other human beings and I’m really happy to see that in Germany many people are really helping refugees. Since I am a refugee I know which are the needs of other refugees and The Moving Network project is an occasion for me to help other people in a more structured way; this is an innovative approach to help refugees by starting directly from camps with the support not just of external institutions, but especially of people who are facing the same situation. I feel my social responsibility toward other refugees and I hope that by becoming an Ambassador I can inspire and motivate other people in doing the same.