The Berlin-Tel Aviv exchange program has been developed in collaboration between Migration Hub Berlin, which aims to create spaces where social entrepreneurs can design their work in the field of migration and inclusion and Microfy, which mission is to help disadvantaged people from South Tel-Aviv to create sustainable income sources. The aim of the exchange was to create bridges between organizations that are working in the field of migration and integration; to understand the common and different challenges we are facing and to think on possible solutions. Nine people from Tel Aviv came to Berlin in October 2016 and fifteen people from Berlin went to Tel Aviv in December. During the weekend we had the chance to meet people from different organizations (CEC-Community Education Center; the Eritrean Community Women’s Center; Kuchinate-African Refugee Women’s Collective and many others) who opened their doors to their realities. It has been very interesting to acknowledge that the challenges we are facing are very different according to each context; indeed, if on one hand people from Tel Aviv do not benefit of all the basic needs Germany is providing, on the other hand the community leadership is very deeply rooted. But, even if the challenges are different, the exchange program has been an important source of inspiration and motivation to find creative and unexpected alternatives. This exchange program has been an amazing journey, which allowed the participants to expand their horizons and start building a global community to work for a major inclusion within our society. This occasion fostered reflections about the sustainability of our projects and work, by providing the starting point for future cooperations in order to create a synergy of voices. Thanks to all the people and the organizations who participated and who enriched the experience.      

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